Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bicycling Hopes/Dreams/Goals for 2011

Bicycling things I'd like to do in 2011....
  • Go on three S24Os over the summer, at least one of those with my seven-year-old son. 
  • Explore the easy rail/trails of King County with the family.  
  • Take a multi-modal overnight trip. On Metro to North Bend, then up into the Cascades. 
  • Ride a 100k brevet with the Seattle International Randonneurs
  • Do the STP again, this time in less than 11 hours/day! 
  • Figure out how to climb faster. (Lose weight? Build strength?)
  • Get more flexible! Try yoga. Or at least a regular stretching routine.
Acquisitions to help with doing those things....
  • A Rawland rSogn built up the way I'd like it, as a rough-stuff bike. 
  • hammock for those S24Os and camping trips.
  • A frame bag and rear saddlebag, perhaps by Carousel Design Works, for the rSogn in lieu of a rear rack. 
  • A repair stand for assembly and routine maintenance.