Thursday, May 27, 2010

Uh oh....

Sat on one of these beauties at South Sound Motorcycles this morning, while waiting for the charcoal canister recall to be done on my F800GS. It's a 2011 Husquvarna TE630. About 60 pounds lighter than the GS, and a bit more than half the price.

Well, if I was going to get another motorcycle, someday, this would definitely be on my shortlist. Sigh.

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Nick said...

Hey Rob - Jonathan Simon owns the previous generation (TE610) and he has claimed that if he could only have one moto, it would be the Husky - it's that good.

And that may be Jonathan's only ride in the future. He is also winding down on his moto fascination and doing more mountain bike riding these days. Maybe the three of us should get out for a trail ride some time soon.